The grand majority of the young girls and teens that enroll at Ayuda y Solidaridad,(AyS), come from families under severe financial difficulties as well as victims of marginalization. They have become inflicted by domestic abuse in all of its forms:Sexual, psychological and physical. They show signs of malnutrition as well as minimal to zero formal education. In fact, many of them have their mothers, fathers and family legally detained and have been left in complete abandonment.

Today--twenty years after the establishment of AyS--it continues to fulfill its mission by strengthening its roots in passionate action and professionalism, while eagerly facing the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead.

ONE HOUSE FOR ALL OF US , conveniently located in downtown Colonia Santa María Insurgentes and serving close to 100 girls between the ages 4 to 20 years of age. All of them are equally provided with a formal education and integral training, as well as juridical counseling, psychological and medical attention.

- We are often asked : What do the older girls do when they leave the institution once they become of age?; where do they go next?. The answer: When the girls turn 18 years old and are currently enrolled in formal education program they can apply to La CAR.


The house - property of AyS - , provides shelter and individual attention under the loving supervision of Ms. Águeda; along with a scholarship so they can simultaneously work part time and continuous their education. They are responsible to pay rent and utilities, while they begin to get ready for an independent life.

- A very unfortunate problem we confront at a national level, and very painful indeed is that many girls not only face the hardship of abuse and mistreatment but a large percentage are also having to live with psychiatric disorders that severely affects how they cope with day to day life.


This is the home for psychiatric girls and teens. It encompasses a home full of affection, a decorous inch where aside for being a place where the girls can get properly diagnosed and provided with the adequate care , they are offered training and education so they can properly develop to their fullest capacity and have the ability to live independently.


Sports Center

Part of the property Una Casa para Todas (One House For All Of Us) (Calle de Pople 60) consist of Centro Deportivo Aqua ( Sport Center Aqua) located on Maple Street #81, Col. Sta María Insurgentes. It includes swimming pool, equipped gymnasium, fronton, multiple use court, among other facilities.

The sports center is used during the summer semester, dance classes and recitals, as well as everyday communal family use.

The payments and memberships from members generate funds to help support the group home. while it simultaneously reaps the grate benefits the Sports Club has to offer, such as swimming lessons, soccer, dance among many others. These forms of physical therapy have proven to be a great beneficial outlet for the girls.

The remodeling of these areas constitutes today as one of our biggest projects thus far; our goals entails, at a medium-term expenditure, the successful operation of a modern family sports club, that can prove itself to be self-sustainable from AyS via the quotas and services received from its members.