¿Who is AYS?

A private institution founded 1993 in Mexico City by a committed patronage and a solid professionally trained team. AYS provides a shelter home—with the outmost attention to quality of life—for over one hundred young girls and teens that have been neglected of their basic life needs.

Theory of Change

Through proper attention given to basic necessities, as well as reinforcing a well rounded emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual development the young girls and teens at risk of ending on the streets can now have the proper tools to become independent, capable women with equal opportunities for success. They grow into responsible, thankful women eager to give back to society.

Misión / Visión

  • AYS provides adequate attention in a healthy and supportive environment to young girls and teens struggling with socially risky situations caused by the abandonment of their basic needs. We utilize individually tailored programs to foster health and human development. Our efforts enhance their integration into society, develop a sense of self-autonomy, balance their psychobiological state and stimulate spiritual growth.
  • The institution at a glance:

    1. Cutting edge infrastructure, technology and social methodology.
    2. Systematic—yet adaptable—model of social intervention.
    3. Favorable and measurable social impact.
    4. Sustainable model built upon patrimonial trust.
    6. Direct ties and positioning with both national and Internationals funding sources.
    7. Amicable and eco-friendly.
    8. Socially just and economically viable.